Become a BBI Vendor Today

You can sell books through us by becoming a BBI Vendor. Joining thousands of BBI vendors who trust us to take the hassle out of professional online selling. Our unique vendor service is easy to use and free to join. We’ll store the books, price them competitively and present them for sale to literally millions of potential customers. You can read more how it works below.

Just 3 simple steps for you:

  • Make an appointment to show us your books
  • Bring your books in for us to catalogue
  • Sign your vendor contract and take away the unique agreement number we give you.

Appointment times are usually between 11am and 5pm - Monday to Friday. Call 01761 451333 to book.

And we do the rest!

  • Catalogue the books on our database under your agreement number.
  • Make the books available for sale on our own website and many other major marketplaces including Amazon, Abe, eBay, Biblio, while trading on our fantastic five-star rating.
  • When a book sells, we will process the order and ship it to the customer.
  • We’ll update your account with the book sales.
  • We’ll provide your account balance when you call, email or visit.
  • We may be able to arrange to have them collected if you are local or have a large collection. Please email us to see if we can help.

When you make an appointment it is useful to know:

  • The types of books you are bringing, including binding and topic. Such as: paperback fiction or hardback art books, encyclopedias etc.
  • The proportion of books that have an ISBN as opposed to those published before ISBNs were introduced
  • The approximate number of books or boxes of books.
  • We look forward to meeting you and your books!

How it works...

We sell books on your behalf and pay a generous percentage of the Net Proceeds after the sale, this is the purchase price.

The percentage is calculated as follows: 50/50% split on the Net Proceeds if the sale completes in the first 3 months from cataloguing, then your percentage reduces 2% each month thereafter.

We’ll always consider the books you bring us. Not all of them will be suitable for selling online under your vendor agreement. This will be decided by our experienced team and software taking into account availability, popularity on the web, market value and condition. Books that are accepted upon sight could still be rejected during the cataloguing process and will be treated as a donation.

Books rejected may include (but are not limited to): low value, mass market books such as common fiction; out of date texts like teaching and study books, encyclopedias, dictionaries and bibles; exhibition catalogues, magazines and pamphlets.

We reserve the right to refuse books that are badly damaged, damp, mouldy or unclean. Only those in very poor condition will be responsibly recycled.

Ownership of the books passes to us and books cannot be withdrawn from the vendor contract once they have been catalogued and stored in the warehouse, even if they do not sell.

If you have any queries please contact us.

What happens to books if they're not put up for sale online?

At Bookbarn, we never let a book go to waste. If we don't think a book will sell online, we'll pop it on the shelves of our bookshop for local people to come along and browse. We also send books to countries which suffer from levels of low literacy. Others might be used for a whole host of wonderful projects - such as props for film, theatre and TV sets, or even photoshoots. There's always a use for books - and at Bookbarn we're guaranteed to find it

Books being reused at 'The Rooms Festival'.

Image credit: Max McClure