Donate Books

You can donate any and all of your unwanted books to us - just bring them in and drop them off. We never turn away books as long as they are not severely damaged, damp, mouldy or unclean - and we will do our best to find your books a loving new home.

Charity shops can sometimes get overwhelmed by the volume of books they receive. It can actually be a big, expensive problem for them - though you might not think it! In cases where charity shops might not accept your books, we always will.

And if we ever decide books are no longer in a fit state for sale - they’ll never end up in landfills. We have always and always will recycle books responsibly.

We also accept maps, magazines, comics and vinyl as donations.

We reserve the right to refuse books that are severely damaged, damp, mouldy or unclean.

For those books in a very poor condition that we're not able to sell, we will make sure to recycle them.