Donate Books


Are you looking to sell or get rid of some books? We can take them off your hands and help them find a new home!

How does it work?

Simply contact us by phone or email and answer a few questions. Depending on your collection of books, we can either accept it as a donation of offer you a vendor account - you'll earn a commission which we'll then pay to you.*

We accept hardback and paperback books of all genres and ages, so if you have books gathering dust and you'd like to know more, simply get in touch today. Whether you're a business, trader, downsizing, decluttering, creating space for more books, whatever the reason, we can help your books!

To donate books simply bring them to us when our shop and cafe is open and drop them off with your shop team or for large numbers to our warehouse.
We never turn away books as long as they are not severely damaged, damp, mouldy or unclean - and we will do our best to find your books a loving new home. Your books will NEVER go to landfill and, even if we decide a book is no longer in a fit state for sale we will always recycle books responsibly.
We also accept maps, magazines, comics and vinyl as donations.

*Terms apply for our vendor service - please contact us and we will supply more details by email.