Darwin Rare Books

A Treasure Trove of Rare & Wonderful Books

Opened in June 2017, Darwin Rare Books is our newest project at Bookbarn International - showcasing some of the most beautiful and rare books we have to offer from our ever-growing collection of older titles.

‘Darwin Rare Books’ takes its name from Charles Darwin, the great-great grandfather of Bookbarn International’s Chairman, William Pryor. Fittingly, the room is always evolving - with books  hand picked by our staff on a  daily basis to keep the shelves filled.

See William talk about the Darwin Rare Book Room here.

We stock a never-ending supply of weird and wonderful books in the Darwin room - from books bound with shipwrecked wood to tiny Victorian thumb dictionaries which wouldn’t stick out for a second in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. It’s the perfect destination for the wandering bibliophile or those looking for a day out with a difference.

We are very happy to provide more information about any of the books in our warehouse stacks. We can send you scans by email or feel free to phone us and we’ll do our best to describe the book to you.