If you know someone who loves books, we have a great range of gifts for them! From brilliant book boxes that come with a book and some tasty snacks to literary-themed gift ideas, all of the items mentioned in this blog are suitable for any special occasion. If you are buying for someone who loves Bookbarn, you can also choose from a voucher they can spend in-store or in our cafe, or a voucher they can spend online. A great way to support a local and independent bookseller this Christmas, our bookish gift ideas are sure to impress your favourite bibliophile.


Our Bookbox is a great gift idea for your favourite bookworm. Waiting inside each of our Bookboxes is a preloved book; once owned, but still in a Very Good or Like New condition. A hot drink; with your choice of tea or coffee, each box comes ready for you to get cosy with your new read and a pack of biscuits; a sweet snack to enjoy with your steaming mug of tea or coffee. At just £9.99 per box (with free UK mainland shipping!) they can discover a new read with some extra goodies for the recipient!  


Are they a fan of suspense? Have they ever sped through the pages of a book, desperate to know the answer to the mystery? Maybe even fancied themselves an amateur detective on occasion? Then our Crime/Thriller Bookbox is the one for them!

Historical Fiction

Are they a fan of historical drama? Have they ever sped through the pages of a book, desperate to know if history works out in the characters’ favour? Maybe even wanted to learn something new about the past through someone else’s eyes? Then our Historical Fiction Bookbox is the one for them!

Domestic Fiction

Are they a fan of drama? Have they ever sped through the pages of a book, desperate to know if things work out for the tragically separated couple? Maybe even gotten a little too invested in the inner workings of a fictional family? Then our Domestic Fiction Bookbox is the one for them!


Shakespearean Insults Mug

From all reports, William Shakespeare was a decent guy. He was generous, funny, and could drink with the best of them. But one thing you didn't want to do is piss him off. Shakespeare was the Don Rickles of Elizabethan England – His brilliantly crafted insults and witty barbs could bring the fiercest soldier to tears.

The Shakespeare Insults mug is covered with the Bard's funniest and most biting insults from his plays. Some of our favourites are: "Oh gull, O dolt, As ignorant as dirt" "lump of foul deformity" "Thou art a boil, a plague sore" and the puzzling "Elvish-mark'd abortive, rooting hog." All in all, there are 30 Shakespearian insults on the mug. So don't be "light of brain" or a "beetle-headed flap-ear'd knave" - Get one today!

Jane Austen Literary Quotes Mug

One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other. – Emma. Now the other half of the world will understand your pleasures! The Jane Austen mug is just the thing for women of independent means and superior men. It features her image, as well as a pleasing collection of quotes and excerpts from her work.

Whether you're meeting with the book club or the board of directors, UPG's Literary Mugs make a welcome addition to your café culture. You can enjoy coffee in the morning, afternoon tea, or hot chocolate at bedtime – and never be far from the writers you love.

Fertile Minds Planter Pots

UPG’s handsome Fertile Minds ceramic planter pots hold a mini flowerpot – or drop in some pebbles, add potting soil, and sprinkle seeds – or fill with sand and arrange tiny air plants – or surround your succulents with a bed of moss. Go on, make the world more cultivated.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare’s imagination brought us “a rose by any other name” and now he can grow your kitchen herbs. (Will might suggest marjoram, thyme, rosemary, mints…) Comes in a colourful box and holds a flowerpot 2” / 5cm in diameter.

Jane Austen

Or you could choose our charming Jane Austen planter pot which makes a cosy addition to your nightstand or a sunny windowsill. What would make the winter melt faster than growing Sweet William from seed and then transplanting to your window box?

Gift Vouchers

Shop / Cafe Gift Voucher

Our gift vouchers are perfect for anyone who loves visiting our vast selection of books in Somerset or enjoys some of the tasty treats in our on-site cafe. This voucher can be used for purchasing books or food and drink in the cafe, but can't be used for online purchases. Simply choose how much you'd like your voucher for, add a gift message and we'll print it out and pop it in the post.

Digital Online Gift Voucher

Our gift vouchers are perfect for anyone who loves books, allowing them to purchase any book from our vast collection online. Simply choose how much you'd like your voucher for, complete all the details above and we'll send an email straight to the recipient with their gift voucher ready to use.

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