There are plenty of reasons why you should buy second-hand books rather than brand new books, many of which may actually benefit you personally. Whether you’re unsure if buying secondhand books is for you, or maybe you just want to remind yourself of some of the benefits, this blog post will open your mind to the idea of shopping for used books.

You are helping the enviornment.

One of the most popular reasons people buy second hand is for the environmental benefits. Buying used or second-hand anything is more sustainable than buying new and usually won't deplete any more natural resources.

Here at Bookbarn International, we find loving homes for as many used books as possible. We hate to see books go to waste and never to a landfill! Only a tiny percentage of the books we stock are disposed of, even then they are always recycled. They may end up as packing material or even toilet paper.

Used books are more affordable

Not only are you helping the environment but you are also helping your wallet. Some new book prices can be eye-wateringly high and for some, the cost of constantly buying new books is not sustainable. In general, used books are much cheaper than new books and some can be found in near perfect condition. In our extensive selection of books, prices start from just £1!

You will read a lot more

With second-hand books being so affordable, you will find your bookshelves at home filling very quickly. There is nothing more motivating to read than an ever-growing to be read pile that is stacked conspicuously in your room. With a large variety of used books making up our stock, you'll be sure to find your next favourite book hidden amongst our vast selection.

You're supporting local and independent booksellers

When you buy second-hand books you are usually supporting an independent bookseller. If you purchase a book through us or any other independent used bookseller, you are helping to keep not only our business alive but also all the other contributions we make towards our local communities.

Bookbarn International is a small, independent business with a dedicated, enthusiastic and close-knit team from all walks of life who are passionate about books. Bookbarn has been shipping fantastic books at great prices to book lovers all over the world since the year 2000. We are not just an online bookseller, our bricks and mortar shop in the heart of Somerset is open seven days a week!

They are already broken in

Bending the spine and losing the dust some these are readings cardinal sins but not when it comes to used books. While you may be lucky to spot a pristine edition of your most sought after book, most will show some signs of wear. This isn't always a bad thing.

Instead of worrying about keeping your new book clean and stain-free, you can delve into the pages and read to your heart's content. No more worrying about staining a freshly printed book with tea or coffee! You also won't feel as guilty throwing it into the bottom of your bag on your next commute.

They can be passed along

How many times have you raved about the new book your reading to your friend but been hesitant about letting them borrow your copy? You will find it a lot easier parting with your second-hand book than a brand new one fresh from the book store. You're also helping your friend save money while caring for the environment at the same time.

If you have a collection of books that you would like to donate, simply contact us by phone or email and answer a few questions. We accept hardback and paperback books of all genres and ages, so if you have books gathering dust and you'd like to know more, simply get in touch today. Whether you're a business, trader, downsizing, decluttering, creating space for more books, whatever the reason, we can help your books!

We hope this blog post has helped some used book sceptics realise how great buying second-hand is! You can find out more about donating your used books here. Shop our entire online selection of new and used books here.