Happy Friday, everybody! We hope you have a weekend filled with bookish fun ahead of you, we certainly do (as we always do). If you're desperate to visit a bookshop but can't find the time to make the trip, we have an excellent solution.

Over a month ago we were visited by a Google photographer, who took panoramas of our shop, inside and out, for Google Maps. We thought it'd be fun, as we are mature, hard-working adults, to set up a game of virtual Where's Wally? to be played when the images were live.

You can guess where this is headed, I'm sure!

Our Google Maps 360 photos are now up, and we want you to join in! All you have to do is head to this link right here: Inside Bookbarn International, and take a virtual tour around the shop. Whilst you're perusing the shelves and checking out the cafe, keep your eyes peeled for a certain stripey, behatted and bespectacled book character hiding amongst the books.


So, we're encouraging you to pay us a visit this weekend, whether virtually or physically (isn't that neat!). We'd like to point out, also, that if you are visiting us in person, don't expect Wally to be here. He takes the weekends off.

We'd also like to offer a free book to those of you who can tell us where to find Wally in our shop, to be collected upon your next visit to Bookbarn. Just comment on this post or send us a message, and we'll take down your name and let our shop team know that you are to be awarded a free book.

Happy hunting!