After all of the unrelenting joy and excitement of Christmas and New Year's Eve, January can often feel like a miserable time by comparison. It's almost always raining, no one has any money, we're beginning to reach the end of our Christmas chocolate selection and we've all got to go back to our regular lives where it's no longer acceptable to eat cheese all day.

We thought we'd do our very best to bring a little light to this dark time, by running a 50% discount (!!) on all of our beautiful vintage shop books until the end of the month. That takes them down to just £2 each, which is surely an offer you can't refuse.



We've got shelves and shelves of brilliant books just waiting for you to peruse. There are poetry books, science books, penguins, pelicans and classic titles. There are some wonderfully obscure books, some downright ridiculous books, and some books you might remember from when you were a child.



The wonderful thing about vintage books is that they've got a story to them, and not just the one printed on their pages. They've got history, they've moved from place to place being loved, being devoured by reader after reader, and then here they end up, to be lovingly placed on our shelves for you to find.


So, pop in and see what treasures you can find in our 50% off sale, see how you can add to the story of these books. Think of it like adopting a dog or a cat or a rabbit, we're a shelter and we just want to send these sweet little books off to a new home.

We're running this offer until the 31st of January, so make sure you pay us a visit to take advantage. We'll see you soon.

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