We are so excited for what the next week brings - our Half Terms are always filled with floods of happy young readers, lovingly pilfering our shelves and leaving arms laden with new books. 


We thought we'd give you a little taster of what's in store at Bookbarn over the next seven days, in the hopes that we can tempt you to come and join in the fun.

New Children's Area, complete with BRAND NEW books!


We've been working on changes to our Children's area for quite a while now, helping it to grow and change as we get more and more little visitors. Just last week we created a play area within the Children's book corner, including Chalk Boards to doodle on, toys, puzzles and more. This also means that the books on the rest of the shelves are a little easier to reach when there's lots of little ones pushing trolleys around and building towers of blocks.

Staff Picks!

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You may have spotted our Staff Picks area if you have paid us a visit lately - the team have been sharing some of their favourite books with you each week, and for Half Term we will be putting out a special round of recommendations just for the little ones, of all of our favourite books as Children (and now!). Keep your eyes peeled!

Story Corner!


One of the changes we've made in our Children's area is the creation of what we'd like to officially title 'Story Corner'! We've set up a cosy little space in the corner of the Children's area, complete with blankets and pillows to keep you cosy as you read your stories. If you're lucky, you might even find one of our staff members in there, ready to read aloud.

Books for Teens!


Don't worry, teens, you might be too cool for our Story Corner, but hopefully you will find some pages to dive into in our selection of specially chosen Young Adult books - both brand new and old!

A Bookish Scavenger Hunt!


Last but definitely not least, we couldn't very well let a school holiday pass without setting up a scavenger hunt for you to enjoy. If you manage to follow all of the clues and find everything that we've hidden away, we'll reward you with a free book - any book at all of your choosing!

Parents, we'd like to point out that our Full Stop Cafe will be open as usual, serving its delicious coffee and glorious cakes to keep you going through those long half term days. Don't worry, we got you.

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