Books are like people - they contain whole unique histories. You might remember the place you bought a book, or the person you were with when you bought it - even what the weather was like when you took it home!

Working at Bookbarn, our staff have also come to realise books contain even more tangible histories of their own - you can tell this from what you find inside them. Because if there's one thing a book is good for other than reading - it's storing little mementos in to keep them safe.

So for this latest blog post, we've collected a few of the weirdest/wackiest things we've collected from books in recent years for you to peruse at your leisure - enjoy!


We come across old family photos at the barn all the time. The old ones are the best ones - take for example the egg and spoon race you can see below!



Bookmarks are a really interesting window into the world of books and the history of bookshops. Here you can see homemade as well as commercial bookmarks - including ones from Waterstones, Daunt Books and Green Leaf books - Green Leaf was based in Bristol and closed down in 2005.



We won't tell you what they say - but we find love letters in our books all the time!



Old slides are very interesting and rarely come with any context - you might find handwriting on the back of an old photo, but not so much with slides - making them more of a mystery.


Newspaper Cuttings

Old habits die hard, and it would seem that booklovers are also big fans of cutting out sections of newspapers they find interesting. You can see here that this excerpt from the Sunday Times on 8th October 2000 clearly meant something to someone!