See what we did there? This voyage may not have lasted five years like the Beagle, but it certainly felt like it.

If you paid us a visit last week, you may have found us all in a bit of a dither. We were making a very big and exciting change to our shop, which ended up being quite the job. We decided a while ago that we wanted to expand our Darwin room and make it a more important feature of our shop, and plans were set in motion to take the leap.

Our office, which was previously located behind the front desk, moved elsewhere, and we moved our Front Desk out of the way so that we can have space for more books in our atrium. We were then left with the hard part - turning the huge space that once held desks and computers into the brand new Darwin Rare Books Room.


The carpet was pulled up, the shelves were brought in, and then came the books. We've taken books from every corner of the barn, from every hidden space and every dusty box, and filled our brand new Darwin room to the brim with them.

The wonderful Oriental Rugs of Bath (our upstairs neighbours) have kindly filled the room with footstools, comfortable cushions and lovely lamps - all of which you can find for sale in their lovely shop - to create the perfect cosy, bookish atmosphere. We're all pretty tempted to move in.

But we don't want to give it all away - you'll have to come see it for yourselves. Books are the perfect Christmas gift, and if it's an old book it's even better, so why not pop in to see us for a bit of Christmas shopping over the next couple of weeks?

We'll be here with our comfy chairs and lovely books until then.

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