The Full Stop cafe opened in April 2014 and has been trading successfully for 4 years growing in popularity year on year. Saturday April 14th almost exactly 4 years to the day the The Full Stop Cafe upgraded reopens to the public. Ready to serve the usual favourite dishes from the menu with some fresh new recipes added. The cafe’s known for its tasty, fresh healthy homemade food served from, the newly refurbished, open kitchen.

The Full Stop cafe has grown into a busy little place and  Beki Leake, the cafe manager was finding that her team in the cramped Kitchen was under a lot of strain. With months of careful planning Beki project managed the rebuild. A new kitchen layout was planned to make the space more efficient, hobs and ovens were upgraded, and a new custom built counter handmade in house.

Beki says: "I joined BBI to set up The Full Stop Cafe in 2014 and I have witnessed it grow and develop into the wonderful space it is today.

We have added more seating and the cafe now has room for over 50 people at the same time. The improved kitchen and equipment have made food and drinks preparation much easier so we can serve lots more customers each day.

Whilst we have a new look and our team are still doing what we do best, the changes we have made compliment the Full Stop Café ethos.

Now I am really looking forward to seeing where we can take it next."

Bookbarn’s CEO Fenna Leake says: “Bookbarn International has always attracted bright, creative and passionate people to work for the company.”

Warehouse team leader Jarek Tomanna, whilst working at Bookbarn International, discovered he has a natural flair for woodwork. Despite having limited experience in joinery he flourished with the task of rebuilding the counter and lead the team rebuilding the counter with measured designs and superb attention to detail. We bought in more friends and family to help. Peter Sajdak, partner of Bookbarn’s CEO Fenna took time out from his day job to help Jarek bring his vision to life.

Freddie Dodson son of Bookbarn’s financial director Matthew Dodson joined the rebuild team too. Freddie recently studied as an apprentice for one year in Japan, where his his Sensei (Master) taught him unique, joinery and cutting techniques. Specialising in working with kanna (pronounced car-NA), traditional planes. He has now returned to the UK, instructed by his Sensei to carry on the work he was appointed, passing on this rich craft to the west. Freddie has set up a workshop and business called Tatara workshop where he creates handcrafted furniture close to Bristol airport.


For The Full Stop cafe Freddie created a beautiful bespoke countertop by joining old scaffolding planks and working them without sandpaper so they became unrecognisably smooth. The end result is incredible; a soft and sleek, oiled counter that looks as though its been made from solid wood.

Most of the counter and it’s supporting beams were constructed from second hand, up-cycled scaffolding and pallet boards. Where possible pieces from the old kitchen and counter were reused. The 3 guys created a counter out of these recycled materials to such a high standard that wouldn’t be amiss in a trendy barn or coffee shop in central Bristol.