Tomorrow begins this year's Independent Bookshop Week. Easily the most important week of the year. The aim of IBW is to remind us all; readers, book lovers and booksellers' alike, of the importance of indie bookshops.

So, what better way to show your love and support of these bookshops than to have a go at a bookshop crawl!

We've put together this fun little list of local must-visit bookshops for you to visit, either all in one day, or like your very own bookshop bucket list.

These bookshops are all within close distance to us at Bookbarn, so you can either start with us, finish with us or stop with us in the middle for lunch!


We've got a huge selection of different subjects on our shop floor, a large range of brand new books in our atrium, a room full of rare and antique books, signed books, Children's books, books for studying, books for procrastinating - every kind of book you might be looking for, it can likely be found under our roof. Also, we have an incredible (award winning!!) vegetarian café that serves hot food until 3.30pm.

But, this isn't all about us. So, here's some other bookshops that you just must pay a visit, if you haven't already. If you have, go again!

Mr B's Emporium, Bath


Mr B's is easily one of the coolest bookshops, with its winding stairs and glorious new children's book area, it's a must visit.

Topping and Company, Bath


Topping & Co has branches in Bath, Ely, Edinburgh and St Andrews. The Bath branch is just brilliant, and a must-visit.

Bloom and Curll, Bristol


Tiny and carefully curated, Bloom & Curll is a true community bookshop.

Storysmith Books, Bristol


Storysmith opened just last year and is already working their magic.

Hunting Raven Books, Frome


Primarily a Children's bookshop, Hunting Raven books is full of heart.

The Speaking Tree Bookshop, Glastonbury


For all of your alternative bookshopping needs, The Speaking Tree is a must visit.

That brings us to the end of our little list! Tell us, who have we missed? What indie bookshops do you love to visit?

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