At its heart, Bookbarn is all about recycling.

Last year, we launched our Reuse, Read, Recycle initiative to help our business be as green as possible - whether it's performing an environmental audit on all areas, reducing the use of plastics in our shop and cafe, or working harder to reduce our waste across the board.

At the head of this initiative is our Book Recycling Service.

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We will take books of any shape, size, colour, quantity, at any time during our opening hours. You can drive up to our doors with a car load, bring a few bags full, or wheel up a wheelbarrow, laden with books, and our team will welcome you with open arms.

To us, it's incredibly important that no books go to landfill. We have multiple paths that your books can follow, including our Books by the Yard service, which sends beautiful books all over the world to film companies, interior designers, bookshops, libraries and more. We also have our Darwin Rare Books room, in which we store antiquarian and collectable books, our secondhand bookshop, and our vast warehouse in which we catalogue our books and sell them online, internationally.

And if the books aren't suitable for any of those branches of the Bookbarn tree, we will put them to the recycling, which is collected and is 100% recycled, and turns the books into something new.

We've got the space, time and passion to deal with thousands of books on a daily basis, and we'd love to take them off of your hands. We'll rehome the books that you don't have the space for, and help unite them with another book lover, who will get as much joy from them as you yourself did.

Head to our website for more details on our book receiving service:

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