You may have noticed if you've paid us a visit that we've recently created a large space in our entrance area for new books of varying prices. We're very excited about this change, as it's bringing us some high quality, interesting books, that still fit in with the rest of our stock, as they're all different and you may not find them in your usual high street bookshop.

We have a range of different subjects available, from fiction, to memoirs, to photography books, there's even some particularly interesting looking Encyclopedias.

Some of the titles we've got at the moment include:

Douglas Westcott's Go Swift and Far and An Unfolding Soul.



Both novels set in bath, so perfect for those of you who love a story with some local connections.

The Bristol Cookbook


Again, good for you local interest readers. It's a collection of recipes from cafes and eateries all over Bristol. Including a recipe for a delicious relish by our café team!

Some YA fiction such as Hidden, Fire Spell and When Mr Dog Bites.



Life, Art and Love, a biography of Philip Larkin.


And those are just a small example of the 100+ titles that we have, and the stock will be growing in the future.

We're very excited about this change to our shop, and we hope you get a chance to pay us a visit and have a browse.

(Don't worry, we've still got 30 rows of used books at £1 for you to peruse!)