Every single day we're overloaded with new books to fill our shelves, whether they be brand new or hundreds of years old, there's always a lot to choose from.

Today we're getting the whole team together for a session of sorting, tidying and refilling the shelves, and with books on the brain (as always) we thought we'd share some of our new arrivals to the Shop and Darwin room.

Here's what you might find if you pay us a visit soon...


Folio Society books are beautifully bound and illustrated versions of your favourite classic stories, and we've got hundreds of them in our Darwin room and warehouse. You can search our whole collection of Folio books right here, but here's a few of our favourites.


There are many brilliant editions of Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales, but for us, this one takes the cake. With Heath Robinson's beautiful illustrations amongst its pages, and a gorgeous spine design, it's hard to resist, especially at just £12.50. You could have this sent out to you, wherever you are in the world, right away. Just give us a call on 01761 451333.


The Folio Book of Short Novels does exactly what it says on the tin. It contains three novels, Gigi, Death in Venice and The Virgin and the Gypsy, and it could be yours today for just £7.50.


Another classic with the most beautiful binding, Dumas' The Three Musketeers finds a comfortable home amongst these Folio Society pages. Just £15 to take home today!

That's it for this month's Darwin room new arrivals, next up, what you can find on our shop shelves...


Cressida Cowell's Wizards of Once series is proving ridiculously popular with young readers - and some of us older ones too! The first in the series introduces us to Wish and Xar, who are embarking on a brilliant adventure. Just £7.99 in store.


The second in the series, Twice Magic, takes us through the next part of the two young wizards' journey, and is as brilliant as the first. Again, just £7.99 in store!


Only £2.50 for this brilliant story full of depth. Cartwright is a brilliant storyteller, and Lion Heart is a beautiful and often dark story of love, legacy and life.


A food planner filled with recipes from the brilliant Pinch of Nom - what could be better? A really great way to not only make sure you're eating well, but also staying hydrated and looking after your body in many other ways. Only £9.99!


Last on our list is Stephen Fry's Heroes, another brilliant take on heroes and myths of the past, filled with all of Fry's usual intelligence and humour. Just £8.99 in store.

You can find all of these books on our shop and Darwin shelves, or alternatively, give us a call on 01761 451333 to have them sent straight to your doorstep. 

Check out our catalogue on Abe books to search through our thousands of books. 

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