We have exciting news!

Thanks to our membership with the lovely Booksellers Association, we have been able to set up our shop so that we can take National Book Tokens.


If you're not sure what National Book Tokens are, let me tell you.

National Book Tokens are gift cards that you can purchase and use in any registered bookshop. This is a wonderful thing, because it's like having your own little credit card that is just for books. It is also wonderful because it's a way of supporting bookshops all over the country. You can use them in indie bookshops (which obviously, I recommend you do), or you can use them in Waterstones, WHSmith, Foyles - anywhere you please.

Have a little nose over on their website to find out more.

We're very pleased to offer this service, and we've got a lovely array of cards, with illustrations and quotes and all sorts.

Just to be clear, this means:

You can redeem your card here. If you've got a balance on your card that you're itching to spend, you can come on over to Bookbarn and spend away (we'd like to point out that as all of our secondhand books are just £1, that means if you've £10 on your card, that'll get you ten whole books).

You can activate a new card here. If you're looking for a bookish gift, or you want to encourage reading in your children or grandchildren, or if you just like the sound of a book credit card, you can purchase a new card here.

You can top-up. If you've already got a National Book Token card, you know how this works, you can top-up your card in any registered bookshop - which now includes us! How exciting!

You can check your balance. Think of us as your own personal cash machine. Except that we don't give cash. And we can only check your National Book Tokens card. Still! You can bring your card to our front desk when you come in, and we can let you know what your current balance is (that way, you know how many books you can get).

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Writing this has me tempted, so I'm off to grab one of the cards with the Winnie the Pooh design before they all disappear over the weekend. Happy Friday!

-By Emma Bilsborough, Marketing and Retail