Here at Bookbarn we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new and specialist service - Books By The Yard.


Owing to increasing demand, we've launched this service for anyone looking to buy quality books from us in bulk. We provide a picking and selection service designed to fit to your needs. You can fill your bookshelves in next to no time, find wonderful props for a set, or bulk up your collection from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is get in touch or visit our website for more information.

Our seasoned booksellers have been specially trained to help you find the perfect books for your project. Previous clients include the BBC, Sony Pictures, Watershed Cinemas and the SS Great Britain, to name just a few. We've provided books for a wide variety of projects - in the picture below, you can see books from us lining the stage of London's Old Vic Theatre - right behind no other than Ralph Fiennes!


We can organise everything for you from start to finish. Or, alternatively, you can simply select the product you wish to buy from our website, and let us do the rest. We offer a number of different genres/types of books available to purchase by the yard with just a couple of clicks. It all depends what you're after. You can view the full range of book selections we have on offer here.

At Bookbarn, we're passionate about finding new and interesting homes for our books. That's why we're so excited to let you all know about our new service. So if you're interested and would like more information - don't hesitate to get in touch! You can reach us by email at - or call us on 01761 451 777 to speak more about your requirements.

And if you think our service is just the sort of thing which might be of interest to your family or friends, please share this post and spread the word!

With best wishes,

The Bookbarn International/Books By The Yard Team