-By Emma Bilsborough, Retail Team Leader


"The best place to buy a book is a bookshop."

Next week brings another wonderful Independent Bookshop Week celebration for us to get involved in.

Since having joined the Bookseller's Association, we are reminded constantly of what it means to be an Independent Bookshop in such a popular and competitive industry, and how lucky we are to have been in business such a long time.

Next week gives us the opportunity to celebrate with other independent bookshops all over the country, and encourage our customers and other book lovers to join in and visit your favourite independent bookshop.

What's really special about being an independent bookshop is that we are able to be a part of our community, to build relationships with regular customers and provide a unique and personal service to all of our visitors. Most of our staff are local, or have known of the bookbarn before having worked here, and therefore understand the importance of keeping us going. As do our customers, who treat us with so much kindness and support, we couldn't do it without them!


Here are some of our favourite visitor comments to commemorate the occasion, from book lovers who have kept us going all these years!

"What a lovely place to visit on a gloomy day! Very friendly and helpful staff. Lovely cakes as well!" - 21-2-2013

"This Bookbarn is a Cathedral of Knowledge!!!" - 26-7-2013

"Never can I visit this area without popping into the Bookbarn at least once. Lovely staff throughout. Long may this wonderful place survive! Thank you." - 14-9-2013

"Wonderful place full of mystery & memories – Will be back." - 5-3-2016