What we learned along the way - by Fenna Leake, CEO of Bookbarn International

Step 1: Planning and Designing.

Careful planning and meticulous measuring is crucial to the success of your installations.

Drawings can help you to make sense of your ideas - our warehouse team leader Jarek drew us a very effective plan to work with.

Step 2: Remove the old equipment fixtures and fittings.


We started the project on Sunday 8th April after closing. The Full stop cafe was buzzing with activity. Friends and family volunteers stayed late helping to take apart the old kitchen and counter to make way for the new.

Step 3: Lay a new floor if needed.

Ours got a sealant treatment in a fetching shade of green, and was left looking shinier than ever!


Step 4: Build and install a counter.

The work on our counter actually began weeks ago, our team worked hard to make the frame and cladding in advance so that it could be fitted swiftly during the refit.


Step 5: Utilities: Plumbing, electrics and equipment.

Make sure your electrics and water don't mix!


Step 6: Make it look extra special and add the finishing touches.


Step 7: Move back in!

Step 7.1: Then move everything around again, at least 5 times!


Step 8: Practice using the new equipment.

Get to know your equipment. Oven’s can have their own personalities and you need to try baking a few cakes before opening.


Beki and Tana (Cafe Supervisor) admire their supersized new oven.

Step 9: Make a snag list and allow time to test things out.

Even with all the best laid plans it is easy to miss something. There is likely to be a few snags along the way. Give yourself enough time to make adjustments and corrections.

For example, on opening day our coffee machine wasn’t working due to an installation error. We should have checked this the previous evening. This wasn’t ideal but our customers were very understanding and we served a really delicious blend of filter coffee until the machine was fixed.

Step 10: Stand back and take pride in all of your hard work.

(Before the public descend on you)

Of course, we couldn't miss the opportunity to crack open a bottle of bubbles!


Beki Leake and the cafe team and rebuild team celebrating after a successful first day after reopening Sat 14th April.