In the last few years, we've tried harder than ever to provide a multitude of unique and different services for our customers, not only for the customers who visit our shop near Bristol, but also our online followers.

Amongst these services is our bulk buy/interior design service, Books by the Yard.

Books by the Yard is a service for anyone. Whether you're filling shelves in a restaurant, decorating a historic figure's office in a museum, creating wedding table center pieces, or just looking to decorate some shelves in your own home, our BBY team will hand-pick the books to fulfill your order.

We have a website dedicated to the service, where you can browse through our set orders, such as books organised by colour, by binding, by condition, and so on. Or alternatively, if you have something else in mind, you can get in touch with us to place an order, just send an email to

Here's some examples of orders we've done so far.

Authentic books for an office space...

BBY Arkwright House, Manchester (2)

Coloured books for Google offices...

coloured books for google (2)

Furniture showrooms...

Longpoint Show 2013 bookcase furntiture showroom

London Theatre sets...

Old Vic in London set for The Master Builder

Set design for TV shows, such as Doctor Who, Luther, Outlander...

Outlander (1)

And that's just a few that we've worked on since setting up the new branch to our ever-growing Bookbarn tree. If you think this service would benefit you, please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more. We love to send our books all over the world, and it's wonderful to be a part of exciting projects (even the occasional wedding!)

You can see more photographs like these on our BBY Instagram.

To place an order, please visit our website, send an email to or, or give us a call on 01761 451777.