-By Emma Bilsborough, Retail Team Leader

At the beginning of the year, we set up a new display that we call our 'found in books' display. It's a collection of all of the strange, sweet and funny things that we find within the pages of our books. It's filled with old photos, pictures of cats, love letters, and much more.

Just last week, one of our lovely customers, Katy Biggs, was having a look at the display, and found something wonderful - a picture of her family.


The very last picture on the bottom row of our display depicts a family of seven, Katy's great-grandparents, her granddad and his four siblings.

We asked her to tell us a little more about her family.

"I was SO thrilled and excited to see the photo of my family on your wall.

The couple are my great-grandparents Henry Haskins (1888-1942) and Annie May Haskins nee Woolley. The twins are Alfred (my grandad, 1921 - 1989) and Walter. Standing behind is John Jnr aged 11, with Frederick aged 5 (1917-1974) on the right and Nelson aged 3 at the front.
Henry and Annie married in 1910 in Wells and had 11 children. Three of their older children, Charles (b 1913), George (b 1914) and Annie Leah (b 1915) all died within days of each other in February 1916, of (I believe) influenza. Their gravestone in Coleford was paid for by a local charity. They were known as the 'first family'. This photo is the 'second family'.
The eldest child in the photo grew up to be J H Haskins, founder of the famous Shepton Mallet furniture store.
Henry, a Private in the Rifle Brigade, had a War record in France in August 1915.
The photo was taken late 1921 or early 1922."
We were so pleased to help Katy find this picture of her family. There's so much history left in our books, and it's always nice to hear a little about it.
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