We've said it before, and we will say it again - the school holidays are our favourite time at Bookbarn. It's always so much fun to help unite little readers with their new favourite books and authors, and to have them telling us about what we should read too.

Today marks the last day of school before the Easter holidays, two weeks filled with fun activities and a ridiculous amount of chocolate. With that in mind, we thought we'd share with you what you can expect from your visit to Bookbarn this half term. If you weren't planning to visit, hopefully this post will change your mind.

Children's Books

Our Children's area, having been reorganised at the beginning of the year, now boasts shelves full of bright and colourful picture books, middle grade books and knowledge books. We've also got some new wooden toys, kindly donated to us last month, and we'll be bringing out the colouring sheets and scavenger hunts to make sure there's lots of fun things to enjoy.


New Books

We have also, since the beginning of the year, been slowly filtering in more and more New Books to our atrium area for you to enjoy. At a measly price of £2-£4 you can find your next read, totally unread and waiting for you to crack its spine.


Full Stop Café

As always, our brilliant onsite vegetarian café will be serving lovely food and drink, everyday from 9am - 4pm. Come on down and make a base for yourselves on their comfy chairs, so that you and your family and friends can peruse the shelves, helped along by coffee and cake.



Our regular Sugarcraft courses have been enjoyed by adults, so we're hosting another one for kids only! £6.50 per child. Everyone who attends will take home four Easter themed cupcakes to share (or to eat all by themselves!). Event information can be found here.


We had a lot of fun hosting our Storytelling session on World Book Day, and so we'd like to make it a regular happening! We'll be launching this during the Easter holidays. From then on, we will be hosting a weekly reading session with a member of our shop team in the Children's area. Keep your  eyes peeled on our social media for more information, dates and times.

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So, make sure you squeeze some time in for us amongst all of your holiday fun, we look forward to seeing you all.

Other Upcoming events:

We're hosting a Kilo Sale on the May Bank Holiday weekend, and we'd love it if you joined us! Head here for more event information.


Emma Darwin, Historical fiction writer and Darwin descendent, will be coming to us to talk about her new book, 'This is Not a Book About Charles Darwin'. Event info here.

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