Saturday the 7th of October marks this year's Bookshop Day, a celebration created by the wonderful Books Are My Bag campaign. Books Are My Bag is a nationwide campaign to celebrate bookshops.

This year, for Bookshop Day, we're choosing to celebrate by giving you an insight into a Day in the Life of a Bookseller, through our Retail Team Leader, Emma.

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Our day generally begins with copious amounts of tea and coffee, to get ourselves ready for a day of all things book related. At the Bookbarn, our booksellers have varied roles, which means there is a lot to keep us all busy.

During the day, our booksellers in the shop are kept busy with book donations, customer interaction and keeping our shelves full of books for our visitors to lose themselves in.

Working with used books means that we have the wonderful opportunity to learn the life story of each book that comes to us. Whether it be a family heirloom, having belonged to someone's great-great-great-great granddad, or if it's a novel that was bought, read and brought to us within the space of a month, it's interesting all the same.


One of our favourite things about working in a bookshop is creating fun and relevant displays for our customers. It allows our booksellers to get creative and have a lot of fun, and it also keeps us all up to date on literary goings on. This week, our displays are based around the autumn season, providing our customers with seasonal recipe books, gardening books and so on.

This month, our shop team have been working on creating an improved Children's area, which is keeping us all very busy! It's important to us to encourage reading in all of our customers, especially the little ones! Making improvements to our shop is something we try to do everyday, to make sure we are giving our customers the best experience.

Sometimes, this just means tidying up the shelves, or in the case of the children's section, the toys! Generally, we have a tidy up of our shop and children's section just after lunch, and then again at the end of the day.


By the end of the day, our feet are tired from customers keeping us on our toes all day, asking questions and looking for recommendations.

We're lucky to interact on a daily basis with book lovers, which is the special thing about being a bookseller, or visiting a bookshop. Whether we're filling our shelves with special books, helping customers navigate our maze of shelves, or just creating fun spaces for children to play and read in, being able to provide a great experience for our fellow book lovers makes all our hard work worthwhile.


You can find out more about our bookshop here.