You will have spotted on our social media that we are undergoing renovations in our shop. We have a big project planned, and we're hoping that you will be a part of it. Head to our crowdfunding page to see how you can join in, and what we're offering in return.


And as for the project itself, here's what we've got in store:

For the week of the 10th - 14th of February, we will be closing our £1 books area. This area is the focus of the project - we want to make it a better experience for all of our wonderful customers, and we want to do so whilst keeping all of the quirky, odd little parts of our bookshop that make it Bookbarn.

Our team will be taking the shop back to its bare bones, and starting over.

We've designed a new layout for the shelves that will not only mean that our books will be easier to browse than ever, but that will also create space for wider aisles, seating areas for you to rest with a book, and more special little corners that will make our bookshop a better place to be for everyone.

We will be improving our signage, making it clearer and easier to read and understand, we will be pulling up the carpet and fixing our flooring, and many more little fixes that will make our bookshop even more special, accessible, and enjoyable to visit than ever before.

We are asking for any donations towards this project so that we can be even more adventurous with our goals, and make sure that we can deliver real change in our bookshop, and reach new audiences of book lovers. If you're unable to donate, please share the project with your friends and family, and pop in to join us when we reopen the shop on Saturday the 15th of February.

During the week we are carrying out the changes, visitors will still be able to browse our beautiful Darwin Rare Books room, search for books on our customer computers, take their pick from a wide selection of new books, and dig through our vintage books selection. Our excellent cafe will be open as usual, as will the rug shop upstairs. So don't hesitate to come and take a sneak peek. 


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