This year, for the first time, we will be posting a special offer or festive treat for each of the 24 days of advent.

In much the same way that you open the doors on your calendar to see which chocolate shape waits for you, we will post a Christmas gift to our Facebook page each day.

From our favourite literary Christmas quotes, to quiz questions with prizes, to special in store offers and discounts, throughout the month of December we are going to help you keep the spirit of the season going.

So far we've posted...

For the 1st day of Advent, A festive quiz question:

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Do you know the answer?

For the 2nd day, a bookish recommendation:

2018-12-04 10_59_47-Cortana

The 3rd day came with a favourite festive quote:

2018-12-04 11_01_22-Cortana

And day 4 was our chance to get to know you all a little better:

2018-12-04 11_02_17-Cortana

Day 5 was another tricky quiz question:

2018-12-05 14_34_33-Start

Day 6 quoted a beautiful Christmas poem:


Head to our Facebook to see what Day 7's treat is!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to keep up with our Advent calendar, as we get closer and closer to Christmas we'll be offering giveaways, discounts, vouchers and many more brilliant gifts and prizes.