This Tuesday we finally hosted our World Book Day 2018 celebrations with a local primary school. A team of two teachers and 18 children from Farrington school crossed the fields in wellies to come and spend the morning with us. The teachers settled in to enjoy a cup of coffee in our café, and the children headed off to get lost in our shelves.

Fton 7

We planned a scavenger hunt for the children, which rewarded them with a free book if they could find everything on the list. All the students succeeded, and left with free books all round. Our staff members wanted to have a go - the words 'free books' are like kryptonite to booksellers - but as they put the books out on the shelves, it seemed a little bit like cheating.

We've recently reorganised our shop, which included making a better area for Young Adult readers. Farrington School were the first to test it out and judging by the smiles on their faces and the arms full of books - we think they approved!

Fton 6

It's important for us to encourage reading in children and young adults, and hearing the Farrington students shouting "we love Bookbarn!" as they left us was brilliant.


We love hosting events like this; so if you think your school would enjoy a visit to the Bookbarn, contact us on 01761 451777, or email