-By Emma Bilsborough, Front of House Leader

Earlier this year, the 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature was postponed, due to sexual assault allegations within the academy.

However, some of Sweden’s cultural figures decided to set up a New Academy, in order to make sure that deserving authors are still acknowledged and rewarded for their work, and the importance of art and literature is not undermined by the upset. They'll be awarding the winner with The New Academy Prize for Literature in October this year.

“In a time when human values are increasingly being called into question, literature becomes an even more important counter-force to stop the culture of silence and oppression.”

The longlist for the award was announced last month, and it features a wonderful collection of authors, from fantasy authors like Neil Gaiman to children's authors like J K Rowling. There are 11 authors from Sweden, 14 authors from the US or the UK, a handful from Canada, from France, from Japan, from India - it's a well thought out and varied list of authors. This prize differs from those before it in its diversity, the New Academy have even enforced a gender quota. This is something that the original Nobel Academy have yet to do, leaving them with quite depressing statistics when it comes to gender equality.

“We have founded the New Academy to remind people that literature and culture at large should promote democracy, transparency, empathy and respect, without privilege, bias arrogance or sexism,”

Here at Bookbarn we find it important to advocate within our little community for prizes and movements such as this one within the literary world, so we've created a display in our Darwin room to draw our visitors attention to the prize. We've gathered as many books as we could find by the authors on the list, and we're selling them for just £3 each.


Now, here's the part where we tell you to get your vote on! It's an easy as pie process, you can find the list and the voting procedure here:


Make sure to vote by the 14th of August!