Don't panic! We're not going anywhere, we'd just like to share with you some of what we've been up to and what we're moving towards in the future.

We know change can be overwhelming and a bit worrying, and our bookshop has been going through a lot of changes this year. We want to make sure that our wonderful customers, both online and in store, know that despite these changes we are still the same Bookbarn that you have known and loved for so long.


We have a unique bookselling business that combines both a 'bricks and mortar' bookshop and an online bookseller, and we are always working to balance both sides of the business. Rising business rates and low prices on online marketplaces are affecting independent bookshops all around the country and our business has persisted through the support the online and offline businesses offer one another. This allows us to have almost 1 million books available (including rare, antiquarian and unusual books) to buy but with the downside that we must store them in a way that they can be located easily.

We aim to make our online stock as accessible as possible with computer search facilities and team members are happy to collect as many books from the warehouse as you want to see. Truly, as many as you'd like. It takes us next to no time to find them and our team love to help you find exactly what you're looking for. There's nothing more satisfying than when we can unite a book lover with their next read.


The layout of the shop has been through some changes with more to come. The shop did recently shrink a little; part of the reason for doing this was so that we could make a larger sorting area for the Shop. This is the space where our dedicated team sort, handpick and organise the books that are arranged in the shop and we are now able to keep the shelves full because of this change. We are also able to maintain a tidier shop space. We are working towards a better organised, curated collection of books to suit everybody's wishes, but these things take time and we thank you for your patience.

We have some exciting developments coming such as a new, even bigger Darwin room that will allow us to show off a greater number of rare and antiquarian books, a new website that will also replace the in-store search, brand new books that will sit alongside the used books to broaden our offering and with more focused curation of both used and new. And much more!


Our team are incredibly passionate about what we do and look after the shop and our visitors, and they are kept busy sorting through tens of thousands of used books every week. We have exciting plans and hope we can add your feedback into these plans to make Bookbarn an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

What is most important to us that you all know is that we will always, at heart, and in spite of any change, be a business built entirely on a never-ending love of books.

So - please do give us your feedback, we want to know what you love about Bookbarn and what you think we could do more of, or do better.

Without all of you, we wouldn't be able to grow and change as we are, so we thank you and your unwavering support.

With love,

The BBI Team x